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[1] Last updated 2010-09-16 12:18:24

Welcome to!

This page is my personal information hub. Hopefully it will rank high enough on Google for people to find me when they look for me.

I built a new Content Management System, TulpaCMS2010, and deployed it on July 4th 2010. Pretty much all the information that was here before is back now, and a whole lot new!

To the left you'll see a menu. The items are alphabetized, and not ordered by level of importance or anything.
The menu system works like an old-school folder navigation, so just click the little plus symbols to expand the folders.

Let me just quickly walk you through the sections.


Here I post news about me, this page and the development of the software that drives it.


This section is about me, Fredrik Vold, and you will find my contact information etc.


About my gaming and what I do to wind down.


This section is about my passion for software, stuff that I've written, and my own little software license.


I love my job! Learn what I do for a living, and who I do it for.